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Architecture Shoot

shapes and angles





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story part 2

During the summer there is plenty going on with people whether it’s spending time with family, working a job, or attending college. Ebonie Eboh and Harley Mata are already decided on how they are going to spend their own summer vacation while determining how the weather will disturb their vacation choices.

Nearly two weeks away and people are already planning on how they are going to celebrate their summer vacation. Some people are already skipping school and acting like it’s summer already with their summer clothes and hardly paying attention to dress code. You can’t deny that anticipated energetic FUN-tastic summer fever.

Summer usually is fun and energetic and full of spirit. Some people go to movies some people go to concerts and some people join a band! “Summers totally fun because I’m starting a band. I’m the vocal singer!” Junior Harley Mata says, “I’m going to be the one writing music!” Bands are one of the few things most people do while spending their vacation.

Working…most Akins students decide to work in the summer for the money. Some even choose to go work over parties! Although, several will be working at randomly around places for fast food places, the majority of people who will be working will be working for Wal-Mart.

Interrogating students about jobs and parties, Junior Ebonie Eboh miserably comments, “Nope because I’ll be working.” when asked if she would be joining any parties while in summer. She commented that she’d rather go work for the experience and money than go to baby making parties. I pushed farther to see what kind of work she will be doing she stated, “fast food or clothing...maybe Wal-Mart if I get lucky.”

The weather for summer is incredibly hot since last couple of summers. It has felt like summer during the spring. By the time the summer is halfway through ice cream wont even be able to withstand the heat even after one minute!

“It’s too f*ing hot! I’m black plus band and work so I don’t think it’s too good that’s why I’m not fat anymore.” Junior, Ebonie Eboh screeches while explaining that she doesn’t enjoy the summer heat. Texas is the part of the top 10 hottest US states according to:

http://web2.airmail.net/danb1/usrecords.htm with an average of 64.83 degrees Fahrenheit.

Graffitti & Found objects

Friday, April 30, 2010

"Making a varial heel flip with his skateboard out of complete boredom, Mark Gonzales tries to hold his necklace out of his face to not get hit by his necklace. He later landed almost perfectly on his skateboard but unfortunately his left foot landed on the ground."

"while in a tree ,William Prine is throwing a Frisbee. He fell and stumbled while trying to get out of the tree and acted like it never happened."

"Matt Tran is catching a Frisbee while at school during photojournalism. He fell down and never really caught the Frisbee which was tossed to him by William Prine."

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My Story (Part 1)

  1. What are your plans on how you are going to spend your summer?
  2. Will you spend most of the time with your family? why?
  3. List 3 of the goals you want to achieve for the summer?
  4. Are you going to specific parties while in summer? if so why?
  5. How are you going to celebrate?
  6. Will you be following up on school or college?
  7. What certain jobs are you going to have during summer if any?
  8. Where are you planning on spending your most time during summer?
  9. How do you feel about your summer? why?
  10. How are you going to spend the week before summer stars?
  11. Are you wanting to go to anywhere you haven't been to see new places?
  12. Who will you miss the most while in summer?
  13. Looking back during the school year what will make an impact on you while in summer?
  14. What have you done on the past summers that you do not want to do in this years?
  15. Would you be having a family reunion during the summer?
  16. Do you plan on hanging out with anyone you met this year during summer?
  17. How do you think summer will impact you?
  18. Do you think that your summer will be boring or fun? Why?
  19. Next year after summer will u want to be the way you are next year why or why not?
  20. How do you think summer will impact you?
  • Harley Scout Mata (student)
  • Ms. Roberson (teacher)
  • Carl Eddington (student)
Opinion based on their CHOICES on how they're going to spend their summer.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

My Inerview With Haleigh Wagner

  1. I did something good
  2. I'm elated
  3. Having a party
  4. They're proud because it's awesome
  5. NO too much pressure
  6. Freshman so in going into AHA for yearbook because I want to be a photographer
  7. I don't know
  8. I really don't think I deserve to be Student of the Month
  9. 2 days ago inside Photo J
  10. Be able to voice my opinions with more impact
  11. Photo J
  12. I thought it was really cool
  13. No it just kinda happened
  14. they such, or they would have won
  15. yeah I would choose my friends
  16. 8
  17. Have fun being student of the month & being asked awkward questions
  18. YEAH!
  19. I never study but I'm passing all my classes well except Photo J
  20. Difficult

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Student of the Month

1. What does student of the month mean to you?

2. How do you feel about being student of the month?

3. What would you do while you are student of the month?

4. How do your parents feel about your accomplishment?

5. Would you want to be student of the month next month as well?

7. What have you done to become student of the month?

8. Why do you think you deserve to be student of the month?

9. When did you find out you were student of the month?

10. How could you improve the school by being student of the month?

11. Where did you find out that you were student of the month?

12. How did you react when you found out that you were student of the month?

13. Was it your goal to become student of the month?

14. How do you feel about the people who lost competing against you?

15. Would you want to choose the next student of the month? Why or why not?

16. On a scale from 1 to 10 how responsible do you think it is to become student of the month?

17. What would you say to the next months student of the month?

18. Do you think you deserve an actual metal award for this accomplishment?

19. How often do you study to get good grades for student of the month?

20. Using 1 word, explain all the work you did to win student of the month.

School Uniforms

School Uniforms
i would interview a principal on why we must wear a uniform & see if she has worn a uniform.
i would interview a student who has worn a uniform in the past.
i would interview a student who hasn't worn a uniform in the past.

1. How do you feel about the school uniform requirement?

2. What does this involve when you had to wear/not wear a uniform?

3. Where did you have to have a uniform if not where did you not have to wear a uniform?

4. Specifically, what did you have to wear to not violate dress code?

5. Who enforced the dress code?

6. Why did you/didn't you have to wear a dress code?

7. When did you have to wear a dress code?

8. How do you think you will look when you will wear the uniform?

9. Why do we have to wear a dress code now?

10. What do you think we did to enforce a dress code?

11. If you had a choice what color would you want the uniform?

12. The price range varies between uniforms, do you think you would be willing to pay for the school uniform if the cost was more than $80?

13. Would you move to a different school because of the school uniform?

14. How do you think the school uniform is positive?

16. Why do you think the school uniform is negative?

17. Where do you get school uniforms?

18. Who do you think you would hang out with when you can't see what they dress like & judge them by their appearance?

19. What do you think is next after school uniforms?

20. If you were the principal would you want to enforce the school uniforms or not?

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Elements of News

Who? Richard Lee wanting to legalize marijuana in California in 2010 which would effect millions of the potheads around the world.

What? Richard Lee wants to legalize marijuana by issuing a ballot with 650,000 signatures

When? Right now in 2010 in the state of California

Where? California

Why? California is in a 24.3 million dollar debt & the #1 cash crop is marijuana so decided to try & make it legal & have tax

How? By signing a ballot of 650,000 signatures agreeing to legalize marijuana

Proximity-The Diamond dancers of Akins High School has a performance on April 15th 2010 with many college directors who would like to give the school $50,000 if they are impressed & want to help the school with the funding for a student to come perform in their college.

Prominence-Michael Reeves was found after school near his car with a bleeding wound from a m9 gunshot to his abdominal.

Timeliness-Reeves was found today after school walking to his car by one of his former students whom do not wish to be classified at this moment. The student heard a loud gunshot & turned to the noise to see Mr. Reeves on the floor holding his abdominal & covered in blood. He went to the hospital & is now recovering, but unfortunately must stay until further notice.

Oddity-The cause of Michael Reeves being shot is unknown. Many are asking to themselves who would want to hurt dear sweet caring Mr. Reeves?

Consequence- Since the astonishing accident of Reeves the Yearbook and Newspaper are now to be delayed till the beginning of the new school year and will be delivered then.

Conflict-Jack Harris is to be assumed to have shot Mr. Reeves along with 18 different suspects. Yet only Harris is going to be put in jail or murder

Human Interest-Reeves wife still does not know about the incident & is concerned about her husband & when he will arrive home. She will be devastated to find out her husband shot & in the hospital fighting for his life to see his one just one more time.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Architecture 5 W & H

1. unknown
2. 1960
3. Guimarães, Portugal
4. Private building
5. no cost
6. Enjoy nature
7. Stone houses are very interesting. This house makes you enjoy the past life where the cavemen lived in caves & enjoy the nature along with modern technology. It was fun to look at.

1. Behnisch
2. January 18, 2006
3. Hanover, Germany
4. Private building
5. No information on how much it cost
6. House the company's 1,500 Hanover staff
7. I picked this building because it looked amazing & had a long white shoot made out of glass. The light refracts where the sun is. What made me click on the building was that it was in Germany & seemed very interesting.

1. Javier Senosian
2. 2007
3. Mexico city
4. Private building
5. No particular information on how much it cost to build it.
6. To help enjoy nature.
7. It's made like a shell how amazing is that?! The shell looks like it's covered in colors. The place is in Mexico & were not that far away from Mexico so I can see it if I wanted to.

1. Antoni Gaudí
2. 1906
3. Barcelona, Spain
4. Semi-private. Its an apartment complex
5. No info
6. Apartments
7. Spain is a good location to find old architecture. I usually like odd old architecture since its so hard to find & this is one of the few of the old odd buildings. the spiral looking flutes are like a trans to the whole building.

1. Szotynscy Zaleski
2. 2004
3.Sopot, Poland
4. You can visit.
5. No previous information on how much the building cost
6. This particular building was inspired by 2 diff buildings.
7. The allusion of this house is hypnotic & to look at. Poland has many interesting buildings & houses so I of course enjoyed this particular building. The building reminds me of Alice in Wonderland.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The 5 W's & the H

Who is involved? the actors and directors
Who does/did the situation affect? the award winners
Who said so? the statistics on how their movie was viewed

What is happening? found the award winners
What did happen? winners gave speech and cried
What are the consequences? the losers are sad
What is different about this? they have no award
What are the choices? movie acknowledgment

When did or will this happen? Sunday March 7th 2010
When was this discovered? every year for 82 years

Where did or will this happen? Hollywood Kodak Theatre

Why did this happen or will it happen? show acknowledgement to the people who won

How did it or will it happen? the directors & actors gathered to see the winners
How much does it cost? roughly around a million
How many people does this affect? around 2.5 million people
How do you feel about this? I like hearing who won the Oscars. It's fun.

Who is involved? 49ers
Who does/did the situation affect? David Carr & 49ers
Who said so? the news

What is happening? Carr is signing a 2 year contract with the 49ers 7 feels a bit awkward
What did happen? Carr signed the contract
What are the consequences? he may not fit in with the other players & future plans
What is different about this? hes a bit confused
What are the choices? sign the contract or leave

When did or will this happen? 2009
When was this discovered? 2009

Where did or will this happen? in a court

Why did this happen or will it happen? during the round picks in 09

How did it or will it happen? during the season pick for the 49ers
How much does it cost? about a couple thousand to sign the contract with the player
How many people does this affect? the entire school and their competition
How do you feel about this? i feel like the 49ers are going to lose this playoff!

Wounded Pilot
Who is involved? Ian Fortune
Who does/did the situation affect? all the people in the airplane that he was piloting
Who said so? discovery channels camera man who video taped the whole thing

What is happening? Ian Fotrune was shot in the head while piltoting an aircraft filled with 26 people.
What did happen? he landed the aircraft safetly while bleeding all over his face
What are the consequences? he suffered minor injuries
What is different about this? no one would continue to fly the plane & let the co-pilot fly
What are the choices? either die trying to fly the aircraft or live & letting the co-pilot win

When did or will this happen? couple of weeks after the routine trip to pick up wounded Afghan soldiers.
When was this discovered? when the video tape was shown

Where did or will this happen? Afghanistan

Why did this happen or will it happen? the enemy was trying to kill the airplane

How did it or will it happen? while taking off he was shot in the head
How much does it cost? about 2 thousand
How many people does this affect? 26 for sure & the people who heard about his heroism
How do you feel about this? that takes some major cojones to do that

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Best Covers

29(man in ashes)-environmental
37(National Geographic)-environmental

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Magazine Cover History

Not many magazines during the 1700's had pictures at all. When they do they would have book like pictures. They would usually have nothing but words about the main story completely covering the magazine. It was like they ripped off the cover & made millions of the magazine without the cover. When reaching the early 1800's they started using richly decorated magazine covers. but over all not much was changed about the magazine.

These magazine covers look more like posters. The picture had nothing to do with a story inside the magazine but generally about the season or holiday when the magazine was made. Hardly even the name of the magazine was over the main picture. There was usually little to no words about the stories or events of the actual magazine.

During the 20th century they invented the cover line to lure the viewer from buying the magazine. Most of the pictures are made outdoors showing ease. Most of the time the words would be curving along with the picture while not covering the actual picture. Mostly had strong bold colors.

These magazines are usually what we see now at this current moment showing most to all of the main cover stories. The cover stories show in front of the picture & the picture is a celebrity. The cover picture is usually the main story of the whole magazine. But all in all the titles of the cover stories cover up most of the whole page.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Friday, January 22, 2010

Best of 2009

The picture on the right is the picture I chose for the best picture of 2009 out of Boston.com & I was supprised that the paint looking water is actually algea! I loved all the colors of the whole water. This was in China on June 19th, 2009.
To me the most interesting news that was global was the H1N1 virus. Its also called the Swine Flu. Everybody was getting all scared over it. I was amazed that people went to the hospital quickly just because they thought they were sick & were gonna die. When truthfully this flu is almost the same as a regular cold.

The song that i adored from 2009 was the song that The Phoenix made called 1901. it was in a Cadillac car commercial. after that commercial the song boomed out of control & was a "good commercial." it was ruled 5th out of the 25 best songs of 2009 in Rolling Stone.
Avatar. New movie thats still in the theatres yet its number 5 in the 50 best movies of 2009 according to Inside Movies. its the 1st movie in which 3D is seamlessly integrated into pretty much every scene to give that little extra. This movie took about 12 years to be made. It was amazing to see simple little things that no one would have ever though of doing like while the avatar people walk the floor beneath them glow a bright blue. It was fantastic!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Portrait & Self Portrait Tips & Writing Your IDEAS

Alter your perspective
Most portraits are taken with the camera at (or around) the eye level of the subject. While this is good common sense – completely changing the angle that you shoot from can give your portrait a real WOW factor.

use your imagination
Use your imagination! A self-portrait can reveal a lot about you, by including props and even other people that are meaningful in your life. If you've never attempted to shoot a self-portrait, expand your creative horizons and give it a try.

types of portraits


  1. Informal Portraits
  2. Formal Portraits
  3. Lighting
  4. Cameras and Equipment

Sections 1 to 3 are largely case studies. Each page covers a different aspect of the section’s topic and has at least one photograph taken by a Pro Photographer. The photograph is then talked about in the sections of:

  • Seeing: the story behind the image
  • Thinking: the challenge of the photographer – what they wanted to do
  • Acting: how the photo was taken
  • Technical Details: the gear used
  • Rule of Thumb: (not on every page) – a technique or rule that photographers can learn from the case study.

Section 4 tackles the topics of Choosing a Camera, Choosing Lenses, Camera Accessories, Lighting Equipment, Apertures and Shutter Speeds, Understanding Exposure, Choosing Film and Finishing and Presentation. Once again – this is not specifically focused upon digital photography.

I will shoot a picture of Natalie Barbra & i will try to show the proper aperture to make the shot successful. i would also make sure that I can see her face in the picture to at least know who it is & her expression. Make sure that what I want is what I EXACTLY get. Also make sure that I use the rules of compositions. Id like to take pictures of many places around the school.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Portraits & Self Portraits

These pictures are absolutely outstanding I cant even believe it because it's SO creative! It shows exactly what I think is good photography. CREATIVITY! You need to show YOU in your pictures with also using the rules of composition. Not only think of the subject but the objects around the subject to make sure they balance. I hope when I take my pictures I think of the things that these people thought of when they took their pictures. I want to make sure it's balanced along with appealing while it shows me & my style. But I want to be the photographer not the subject but I dont quite know if I would want to take a portrait picture of another person along with my personality that I want without them giving me some kind of attitude. I would like to do what the photographer did with the paint (bottom left) with all the simplicity but I might just want to do the transperencey thing like the contest winnner (upper right) to show all the emotion along with her face showing & her expression...both are fantastic

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Photos of the year 2009

I picked this photo because the baby is looks like shes floating all by herself. The photographer made it only the mother & the child to make it simple & show the main focus meanwhile balancing the picture. The picture also shows the stillness of the water which makes viewer seem like the baby is calm & not panicking which makes the viewer calm.

I picked this photo because all the lines under the bridges which build a frame around their creator attract me to the main focus. The photographer clearly tried to make a frame around the man while using lines. It also has some simplicity because there is nothing else but the man & the bridges. His tie shows that the wind is blowing but yet no one notices that his hair is completely still...the photographer may have planned that to give him another line towards the man.

I picked this photo because it just plainly looks cool & interesting. The photographer probably made the player go under the door to give the picture a frame. The player also has this arms on his hips & his legs apart to make sure his body doesnt merge. His stand also looks like he is confident about the way he played.
My most favorite memory of this holiday break was when i popped fireworks on New Years & said Happy New Years to my future family-in-law (sisters fiances family). I unfortunately got burned by lighting a firework while celebrating. I also got my niece scared by popping a whole case of black cats on the top of my sisters car...she doesnt like the noise but likes the pretty colors.
The week before Christmas I went to El Paso to visit my grandma who has cancer. I TRIED to help her cook & learn to cook even though I cant even make instant pudding. Literally I cant when I try it gets all lumpy haha. I also hung out with my cousin that I never get to see because she lives in New Mexico while she also visited our grandma.
If I ever lives to be 225 & looked back at 2009 I would remember how I moved back to Austin & enrolled into Akins. I would also remember how sad I was when I left Lubbock. Also how i found out i got cuts on my eye to the point where I may never be able to wear contacts ever again.