Thursday, April 1, 2010

Elements of News

Who? Richard Lee wanting to legalize marijuana in California in 2010 which would effect millions of the potheads around the world.

What? Richard Lee wants to legalize marijuana by issuing a ballot with 650,000 signatures

When? Right now in 2010 in the state of California

Where? California

Why? California is in a 24.3 million dollar debt & the #1 cash crop is marijuana so decided to try & make it legal & have tax

How? By signing a ballot of 650,000 signatures agreeing to legalize marijuana

Proximity-The Diamond dancers of Akins High School has a performance on April 15th 2010 with many college directors who would like to give the school $50,000 if they are impressed & want to help the school with the funding for a student to come perform in their college.

Prominence-Michael Reeves was found after school near his car with a bleeding wound from a m9 gunshot to his abdominal.

Timeliness-Reeves was found today after school walking to his car by one of his former students whom do not wish to be classified at this moment. The student heard a loud gunshot & turned to the noise to see Mr. Reeves on the floor holding his abdominal & covered in blood. He went to the hospital & is now recovering, but unfortunately must stay until further notice.

Oddity-The cause of Michael Reeves being shot is unknown. Many are asking to themselves who would want to hurt dear sweet caring Mr. Reeves?

Consequence- Since the astonishing accident of Reeves the Yearbook and Newspaper are now to be delayed till the beginning of the new school year and will be delivered then.

Conflict-Jack Harris is to be assumed to have shot Mr. Reeves along with 18 different suspects. Yet only Harris is going to be put in jail or murder

Human Interest-Reeves wife still does not know about the incident & is concerned about her husband & when he will arrive home. She will be devastated to find out her husband shot & in the hospital fighting for his life to see his one just one more time.

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