Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Magazine Cover History

Not many magazines during the 1700's had pictures at all. When they do they would have book like pictures. They would usually have nothing but words about the main story completely covering the magazine. It was like they ripped off the cover & made millions of the magazine without the cover. When reaching the early 1800's they started using richly decorated magazine covers. but over all not much was changed about the magazine.

These magazine covers look more like posters. The picture had nothing to do with a story inside the magazine but generally about the season or holiday when the magazine was made. Hardly even the name of the magazine was over the main picture. There was usually little to no words about the stories or events of the actual magazine.

During the 20th century they invented the cover line to lure the viewer from buying the magazine. Most of the pictures are made outdoors showing ease. Most of the time the words would be curving along with the picture while not covering the actual picture. Mostly had strong bold colors.

These magazines are usually what we see now at this current moment showing most to all of the main cover stories. The cover stories show in front of the picture & the picture is a celebrity. The cover picture is usually the main story of the whole magazine. But all in all the titles of the cover stories cover up most of the whole page.

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