Monday, March 22, 2010

Architecture 5 W & H

1. unknown
2. 1960
3. Guimarães, Portugal
4. Private building
5. no cost
6. Enjoy nature
7. Stone houses are very interesting. This house makes you enjoy the past life where the cavemen lived in caves & enjoy the nature along with modern technology. It was fun to look at.

1. Behnisch
2. January 18, 2006
3. Hanover, Germany
4. Private building
5. No information on how much it cost
6. House the company's 1,500 Hanover staff
7. I picked this building because it looked amazing & had a long white shoot made out of glass. The light refracts where the sun is. What made me click on the building was that it was in Germany & seemed very interesting.

1. Javier Senosian
2. 2007
3. Mexico city
4. Private building
5. No particular information on how much it cost to build it.
6. To help enjoy nature.
7. It's made like a shell how amazing is that?! The shell looks like it's covered in colors. The place is in Mexico & were not that far away from Mexico so I can see it if I wanted to.

1. Antoni Gaudí
2. 1906
3. Barcelona, Spain
4. Semi-private. Its an apartment complex
5. No info
6. Apartments
7. Spain is a good location to find old architecture. I usually like odd old architecture since its so hard to find & this is one of the few of the old odd buildings. the spiral looking flutes are like a trans to the whole building.

1. Szotynscy Zaleski
2. 2004
3.Sopot, Poland
4. You can visit.
5. No previous information on how much the building cost
6. This particular building was inspired by 2 diff buildings.
7. The allusion of this house is hypnotic & to look at. Poland has many interesting buildings & houses so I of course enjoyed this particular building. The building reminds me of Alice in Wonderland.

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