Thursday, January 7, 2010

Portraits & Self Portraits

These pictures are absolutely outstanding I cant even believe it because it's SO creative! It shows exactly what I think is good photography. CREATIVITY! You need to show YOU in your pictures with also using the rules of composition. Not only think of the subject but the objects around the subject to make sure they balance. I hope when I take my pictures I think of the things that these people thought of when they took their pictures. I want to make sure it's balanced along with appealing while it shows me & my style. But I want to be the photographer not the subject but I dont quite know if I would want to take a portrait picture of another person along with my personality that I want without them giving me some kind of attitude. I would like to do what the photographer did with the paint (bottom left) with all the simplicity but I might just want to do the transperencey thing like the contest winnner (upper right) to show all the emotion along with her face showing & her expression...both are fantastic

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