Friday, January 22, 2010

Best of 2009

The picture on the right is the picture I chose for the best picture of 2009 out of & I was supprised that the paint looking water is actually algea! I loved all the colors of the whole water. This was in China on June 19th, 2009.
To me the most interesting news that was global was the H1N1 virus. Its also called the Swine Flu. Everybody was getting all scared over it. I was amazed that people went to the hospital quickly just because they thought they were sick & were gonna die. When truthfully this flu is almost the same as a regular cold.

The song that i adored from 2009 was the song that The Phoenix made called 1901. it was in a Cadillac car commercial. after that commercial the song boomed out of control & was a "good commercial." it was ruled 5th out of the 25 best songs of 2009 in Rolling Stone.
Avatar. New movie thats still in the theatres yet its number 5 in the 50 best movies of 2009 according to Inside Movies. its the 1st movie in which 3D is seamlessly integrated into pretty much every scene to give that little extra. This movie took about 12 years to be made. It was amazing to see simple little things that no one would have ever though of doing like while the avatar people walk the floor beneath them glow a bright blue. It was fantastic!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Portrait & Self Portrait Tips & Writing Your IDEAS

Alter your perspective
Most portraits are taken with the camera at (or around) the eye level of the subject. While this is good common sense – completely changing the angle that you shoot from can give your portrait a real WOW factor.

use your imagination
Use your imagination! A self-portrait can reveal a lot about you, by including props and even other people that are meaningful in your life. If you've never attempted to shoot a self-portrait, expand your creative horizons and give it a try.

types of portraits


  1. Informal Portraits
  2. Formal Portraits
  3. Lighting
  4. Cameras and Equipment

Sections 1 to 3 are largely case studies. Each page covers a different aspect of the section’s topic and has at least one photograph taken by a Pro Photographer. The photograph is then talked about in the sections of:

  • Seeing: the story behind the image
  • Thinking: the challenge of the photographer – what they wanted to do
  • Acting: how the photo was taken
  • Technical Details: the gear used
  • Rule of Thumb: (not on every page) – a technique or rule that photographers can learn from the case study.

Section 4 tackles the topics of Choosing a Camera, Choosing Lenses, Camera Accessories, Lighting Equipment, Apertures and Shutter Speeds, Understanding Exposure, Choosing Film and Finishing and Presentation. Once again – this is not specifically focused upon digital photography.

I will shoot a picture of Natalie Barbra & i will try to show the proper aperture to make the shot successful. i would also make sure that I can see her face in the picture to at least know who it is & her expression. Make sure that what I want is what I EXACTLY get. Also make sure that I use the rules of compositions. Id like to take pictures of many places around the school.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Portraits & Self Portraits

These pictures are absolutely outstanding I cant even believe it because it's SO creative! It shows exactly what I think is good photography. CREATIVITY! You need to show YOU in your pictures with also using the rules of composition. Not only think of the subject but the objects around the subject to make sure they balance. I hope when I take my pictures I think of the things that these people thought of when they took their pictures. I want to make sure it's balanced along with appealing while it shows me & my style. But I want to be the photographer not the subject but I dont quite know if I would want to take a portrait picture of another person along with my personality that I want without them giving me some kind of attitude. I would like to do what the photographer did with the paint (bottom left) with all the simplicity but I might just want to do the transperencey thing like the contest winnner (upper right) to show all the emotion along with her face showing & her expression...both are fantastic

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Photos of the year 2009

I picked this photo because the baby is looks like shes floating all by herself. The photographer made it only the mother & the child to make it simple & show the main focus meanwhile balancing the picture. The picture also shows the stillness of the water which makes viewer seem like the baby is calm & not panicking which makes the viewer calm.

I picked this photo because all the lines under the bridges which build a frame around their creator attract me to the main focus. The photographer clearly tried to make a frame around the man while using lines. It also has some simplicity because there is nothing else but the man & the bridges. His tie shows that the wind is blowing but yet no one notices that his hair is completely still...the photographer may have planned that to give him another line towards the man.

I picked this photo because it just plainly looks cool & interesting. The photographer probably made the player go under the door to give the picture a frame. The player also has this arms on his hips & his legs apart to make sure his body doesnt merge. His stand also looks like he is confident about the way he played.
My most favorite memory of this holiday break was when i popped fireworks on New Years & said Happy New Years to my future family-in-law (sisters fiances family). I unfortunately got burned by lighting a firework while celebrating. I also got my niece scared by popping a whole case of black cats on the top of my sisters car...she doesnt like the noise but likes the pretty colors.
The week before Christmas I went to El Paso to visit my grandma who has cancer. I TRIED to help her cook & learn to cook even though I cant even make instant pudding. Literally I cant when I try it gets all lumpy haha. I also hung out with my cousin that I never get to see because she lives in New Mexico while she also visited our grandma.
If I ever lives to be 225 & looked back at 2009 I would remember how I moved back to Austin & enrolled into Akins. I would also remember how sad I was when I left Lubbock. Also how i found out i got cuts on my eye to the point where I may never be able to wear contacts ever again.