Thursday, April 8, 2010

My Inerview With Haleigh Wagner

  1. I did something good
  2. I'm elated
  3. Having a party
  4. They're proud because it's awesome
  5. NO too much pressure
  6. Freshman so in going into AHA for yearbook because I want to be a photographer
  7. I don't know
  8. I really don't think I deserve to be Student of the Month
  9. 2 days ago inside Photo J
  10. Be able to voice my opinions with more impact
  11. Photo J
  12. I thought it was really cool
  13. No it just kinda happened
  14. they such, or they would have won
  15. yeah I would choose my friends
  16. 8
  17. Have fun being student of the month & being asked awkward questions
  18. YEAH!
  19. I never study but I'm passing all my classes well except Photo J
  20. Difficult

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