Thursday, May 20, 2010

story part 2

During the summer there is plenty going on with people whether it’s spending time with family, working a job, or attending college. Ebonie Eboh and Harley Mata are already decided on how they are going to spend their own summer vacation while determining how the weather will disturb their vacation choices.

Nearly two weeks away and people are already planning on how they are going to celebrate their summer vacation. Some people are already skipping school and acting like it’s summer already with their summer clothes and hardly paying attention to dress code. You can’t deny that anticipated energetic FUN-tastic summer fever.

Summer usually is fun and energetic and full of spirit. Some people go to movies some people go to concerts and some people join a band! “Summers totally fun because I’m starting a band. I’m the vocal singer!” Junior Harley Mata says, “I’m going to be the one writing music!” Bands are one of the few things most people do while spending their vacation.

Working…most Akins students decide to work in the summer for the money. Some even choose to go work over parties! Although, several will be working at randomly around places for fast food places, the majority of people who will be working will be working for Wal-Mart.

Interrogating students about jobs and parties, Junior Ebonie Eboh miserably comments, “Nope because I’ll be working.” when asked if she would be joining any parties while in summer. She commented that she’d rather go work for the experience and money than go to baby making parties. I pushed farther to see what kind of work she will be doing she stated, “fast food or clothing...maybe Wal-Mart if I get lucky.”

The weather for summer is incredibly hot since last couple of summers. It has felt like summer during the spring. By the time the summer is halfway through ice cream wont even be able to withstand the heat even after one minute!

“It’s too f*ing hot! I’m black plus band and work so I don’t think it’s too good that’s why I’m not fat anymore.” Junior, Ebonie Eboh screeches while explaining that she doesn’t enjoy the summer heat. Texas is the part of the top 10 hottest US states according to: with an average of 64.83 degrees Fahrenheit.

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