Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Dove Evolution of Beauty

1. List the changes that were made to the model's face in the computer. (Look carefully)
the things that was changed on the computer is that:
  1. they made her lips bigger
  2. lifted her head
  3. lowered her eyes lowered her eyebrows
  4. put less volume in her hair
  5. lowered her neck
  6. thickened her lips
  7. made her eyebrows more fierce by heightening the end of the eyebrows
  8. made her eyes bigger
  9. made her hair line closer to her face to make her look thinner
2. Is it ethically acceptable to change a person's appearance like this in a photo? Why or why not?
it is not ethically acceptable to change the person in this kind of photo shoot because it gives the viewer the wrong impression.

3. Are there circumstances in which it would be more ethically wrong to do this type of manipulation?
if you were in newspaper & doing a real life story

4. What types of changes are OK, and what aren't?
if you were in Yearbook & a person was concerned about bad acne or blinked on one eye that would be fine

5. Explain what you think the differences are between fashion photography and photojournalism.
fashion photography can be edited professionally to make a great shoot like their goal is while photojournalism is real life pictures & actions or documentary.

6. What relationship does each type of photography have to reality, and how does this affect the ethical practice of each?
ethical is really all about what your paid to do. if you were a fashion photographer you would most likely use photo shop to make her look more beautiful to sell the product while on the other hand if you were a newspaper photographer you would not use photo shop because people would be upset if you changed setting of the actual thing just to make it look more beautiful...all in all it really all depends on what you're trying to do.