Monday, November 2, 2009

Processing Black & White Photos

STEP #1.

wind the film up inside the camera & take out the film canister in the dark room.

Open the canister by a can opener & take out the film along with the tape.

STEP #2.

Practice in the light with a simulated piece of film until you know how to use it properly & are effective with winding up the film.

Put the film onto a film reel wich would be either a plastic for beginners or a metal for experts.

Slide a piece of the film on the outer edge of the reel.

Coil the film till it's fully loaded.

STEP #3.

Put the film into a tank.

Cover the tank with the lid.

You can turn on the light now if you like.

STEP #4.

Set up the tubs in order so you don't mess up:

  • Film Developer

  • Stop

  • Fixer w/hardener

  • Hypo Eliminator

Make sure that the chemicals are in 68-70 degrees.

STEP #5.

Pour the developer into the tank but do not open!

To keep the solution fresh by flipping the container every minute.

Tap the container on your workstation to remove the air bubbles so that they dont mess up ur film.

Develop your film for the certain by the time your package says needed.

Take the lid off your spout & empty out the developer.

STEP # 6.

Pour running water into your container.

STEP #7.

Pour the fixer with hardener & wait to 5-10 mins.

You can inspect the negatives if you like.

STEP #8.

Remove the tank cover.

Remove the film.

Place it to dry in cold water for 5 minutes.

STEP #9.

Remove every drop of the fixer to make sure you dont mess up your film.

Pour a tankful of the Hypo-Eliminator & wait for 2 minutes.

STEP # 10.

Wash your film again for 10 minutes.

STEP # 11.

Pull out your film but dont touch the surface of them.

Hang the film to dry in a dust-free area with pins.

STEP # 12.

In 1-2 hours cut the film into strips.

There should be 6 negatives long.


Put the negatives in plastic negative pages.

Dexterity-skills using the hand or the body
Glassine-a strong thin glazed transparent paper made into small bags
Enveloper-to wrap up in or as in a covering

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