Thursday, November 19, 2009

Negatives Evaluation

1. From looking at your negatives, how many of your photos do you think turned out well?

most of them turned out well i liked 2 the most

2. How many of your photos appear like they will not turn out well? Why do you think these photos did not turn out (Ex: Over/under exposed, not focused, bad composition)?

2 i didn't think went well just because of bad composition & its crazy in the background

3. Select the negative image that you think will turn out the best when it is printed. Why do you think this photo will turn out well?

i think this image would look great because it gives the effort of the teacher as you can tell in her eyes.

4. What technical aspects of photography (focus, exposure, composition) do you think are present in your best negative? What evidence can you provide from the appearance of the negative to support your answer?

simplicity because nothing interesting surrounds her

5. What advanced composition techniques (Ex: rule of thirds, leading lines) that you have learned in class are present in your favorite negative?

the pencil in her hand leads the eye to the subject

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