Friday, November 13, 2009

Marlbolo Marine

A. What skills besides photography did Luis Sinco utilize to produce this slide show? (Think about the overall presentation: audio, editing, text)

he showed how depressing it was about how he struggled with his haunting past. He made it seem so sad just by the sorrow in his voice.

B. What was the effect (added power or meaning) of the multimedia effects of the slide show?

When it showed the pictures of dead people that he had to kill unfortunately, you cant help but tear up that he thinks of that everyday.

A. What is the most powerful image from the slide show? Why?

the one of his wedding when his wife is completely overjoyed & smiling & you see him beside her sad & serious as if in torment & in his own world without her

B. What sequence of photographs is the most powerful? Why?

the beginning of the slide show where marines are charging at people shooting them.

C. How does the audio enhance the photographs?

it helps people understand the pictures & what the photographer was trying to portray

D. How do the images work together to tell a story?

multiple shots show how the people move & their emotion & their reactions to things.

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