Friday, November 13, 2009

  • Photo Option
A. What is the most powerful image from the slide shows? Why?
the picture of him in the grass hiding. because he looks paranoid
B. What sequence of photographs is the most powerful? Why?
the one of him having fun with his family because it shows how thankful he is
c. How do the images work together to tell a story?
multiple shots show how the people move & their emotion & their reactions to things.
  • Caption Photos
A. For the photos in which Ian is the main subject of the photos, in what tense are the verbs usually written?
present tense
B. How do the captions enhance the photographs?
they let the viewer know what is going on.

  • Captions
A. Write three of your own captions to photos without looking at the caption written by the photographer. Be sure they are written in the following form. For this assignment you can make up names and facts to write your captions.

1. Billy decided to have a little fun while in the army by dancing to a rap song on a CD. His fellow friends in the army watch in laughter while Billy shows his smooth dancing skills.

2. As Ian is finishing his work for today. While he was walking to his helicopter the calming sun sets down behind him.

Ian proudly showing his pride to his glorious country covers his gun with his
miniature flags. When he reads on his spare time he contemplates on how he thinks tomorrow will turn out.

  • Videos
A. How do these other features enhance the photographs?
It wont let the viewer become bored of the pictures or of the videos.
B. In what ways are videos better than photographs? Provide an example from the Denver Post Web site.
People say a pictures worth a thousand words...then a video is worth million words like when Ian smiles then suddenly frowns would be multiple shots just to get that one quick emotion.
C. In what ways are photos better than videos? Provide an example from the Denver Post Web site.
It would help the viewer contemplate what is going on in one specific moment which a video just cant. for example when Ian Fisher's fiance extatic face & His embarrassed expression.

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