Monday, October 12, 2009

Great Black & White Photographers 3

1. What usually caught my eye from W. Eugene Smith's photos is that it's not like other photographers pictures and that they are abnormal.


  • i see a man waiting for a train patiently while other trains are dashing by.
  • i smell the must of the nasty odor of the old train with stains of many sorts & colors.
  • i hear nothing but the load noise of the track while it trembles beneath the weight of the massive train meanwhile it eagerly passes by to reach its destination.
  • i taste the beautiful night sky eroding by the city lights that overthrow the stars among the heavens.
  • i feel like this train is taking forever!


  • i see a mere haystack with a lazy man sleeping on it
  • i smell the fresh clean air of the trees & the grass.
  • i hear the cows in the distant field bellow out 'moo' while the small windy air disentigrates when blasting by them.
  • i taste the filthy dehydrated grass mixed with the coil of chaff.
  • i feel calm while i yearn to rest with the happy man in the black dirty hat that can't wait to dispose of the hay to feed himself along with his happy herd of cows.

3. a power point to show his many pictures of happy times & some very low times of the world along with some notes & facts about him to amuse the audience.

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